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Heroes and generals published “Xylander” Update

World War II, MMOFPS, heroes and generals, released their latest update on Xylander. The new update functionality, all have love for the Soviet bloc, giving them AVS-36 rifle with a semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, and stimulate full size rifle bullets. Players can get a gun assault ribbon ranked 12, it can be upgraded like other firearms.

In addition, Supai has received long blade AVS-36 bayonet knife which is currently the longest in the game – to give it superior reach melee hostel. Despite being a bayonet, did not choose to install it in the rifle.The first attack to happen in Mulgore was a shock to Baine. Not only had it been in his land, but it was also a brutal slaughter.

“Message from the warchief.” The messenger unrolled the letter and began reading, “Unto High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof of the tauren, Warchief of the Horde Garrosh Hellscream sends the following: Water shipments continue on schedule and that pleases.

Other major features include:

Each faction more camouflage.
City map updates, encourage close combat.
Updated according to map community feedback facility.
Base salary had been changed on the player, not the total payment of the total time of the battle.
General Battle Mode has been updated, it will not be on both sides of the fun of incredible one-sided game has changed automatically resolved by fighting director, rather than forcing players to play out. This will help to encourage players to participate in battle mode. War campaign also gave money list and ribbon XP and the only way to currently earn Warfunds soldiers.