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Stranger Than Fiction: The Ouster and Possible Return of the CEO of Red 5 Studios

Back in October, a reader suggested I check out Firefall, an open world MMO shooter. At the time my curiosity with shooters had picked up after playing the pseudo-shooter World of Tanks. I spent a few hours playing Firefall but lost interest as there didn’t seem to be much to do. These days, if a game isn’t compelling to me from the get-go, I don’t invest more time in it. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

What I didn’t know was the history of the game and the nutty things going on inside Firefall’s developer, Red 5 Studios. Last month, a Red 5 employee took to Reddit to post a richly detailed post on why the CEO was removed by Red 5.

Among the many gems in that thread were tidbits like this:

Red 5 staff was informed about PvP being cut through the same forum thread the players were

The whole Reddit thread and comments are worth reading, even if you have no interest in Firefall or Red 5. I find it fascinating that so much time/money was spent on things that weren’t meaningfully aligned with advancing Firefall or the game development capabilities of the studio.

One insight I gleaned from the thread is that GlassDoor.com is a good resource to hear what employees think of their company. (I’ve previously used it for compensation benchmarking.) Granted, as with any online reviews you have to take what the reviewers say with a grain of salt.