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Final Fantasy XIV: the rebirth of a state of more than 500 million players worldwide

Strange wood-and-stone talismans swayed from ropes attached to the branches overhead. They were crude effigies of arakkoa. Sticks of incense burned in the closed talons of the figures, sending ribbons of smoke through the forest. The bitter odor made Iskar’s eyes water.

Square Enix today revealed to the press celebrated the new information Final Fantasy 14 has made a successful recovery in leaps and bounds in the past two years, more than 5 million players from around the world, including Japan, China, North America and Europe have registered account number. Today’s figures reveal even more impressed by the total amount does not include the free trial members account you are creating.

Continue to move forward with a passionate and dedicated community’s determination to develop a next good team, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm rebirth journey has been an unlikely, but a success story, will live for many years arrival.

Successful expansion of today’s announcement recently released Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward, its launch exciting new content varied, including the introduction of flying mounts, a new original battle, more and more challenging dungeons attacks.