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DNF adding new top-level contract

Side-scrolling beat -EM- most MMORPG, DNF, has added a “more exciting way to enjoy the orders” with their new top-level contract. The new contract has two different types – a “new premium basic” and “new Premium +”, which is only in the region you buy it is a non-stack Account enthusiasts work. Awarded the contract between the players extra fatigue point, clear rewards and FP expression systems, it allows you to redouble their FP consumption can also get double EXP. Players will no longer receive additional loss of stamina, even if you retire, you will receive the gift of the dungeon gap EXP.

younger brother should be to an elder, as Renly should be to me. And what was Robert’s thanks? He names me Lord of Dragonstone, and gives Storm’s End and its incomes to Renly. Storm’s End belonged to House Baratheon for three hundred years; by rights it should have passed to me when Robert took the Iron Throne.

Contract costs substantially and 600-2100 300-1050 CERA CERA plus + its duration at the highest amount of 15 days (do not know why it increase in two weeks, instead of the normal one month …).

There are more benefits as well, you can see here in the official announcement.