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DC Universe Update 9 Detailed

Update 9: Assemble for Battle will be the next major update to the DC Universe. Developers haven’t announced a date for the update, but it is coming very soon they say. It will bring a lot of new content and features to the game, including:

Novice Raids: Raids featuring the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave, and the Kahndaq raids that will be available for players of all gear and skill levels.
Role Optional Alerts: In order to get players into raids as quickly as possible, players can opt to be informed about raid groups forming that do not require specific roles. These groups will be treated to a Team Buff:
If you don’t have a Tank, everyone will take less damage overall. That doesn’t mean you’re all tanks – you’ll have to work together to survive – but you’ll have a fighting chance.
If you don’t have a Healer, any Controller or Damage character will trigger a small amount of regeneration when your health dips below a certain point. If you’re a Tank, you’ll always have some regeneration.
If you don’t have a Controller, everyone will get varying amounts of additional power periodically.
More details can be had at the DC Universe Online website.