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MOBA Game Takes Measures To Punish Toxic Community

members of the order could watch over each other and ensure that everyone followed the decrees of their sun god, Rukhmar. If one accomplished a great feat, both would be showered with praise.

Anyone with any experience of today’s top MOBA game will undoubtedly be familiar with the toxicity of competition groups, but today there are developers to take steps to punish those who interfere with the enjoyment of others. Blizzard’s award-winning free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is no exception toxicity MOBA type, but today they announced the premiere aimed at reducing the negative impact of the game, these players have a new trend program in the “silence penalty “The

Silence punishment will come into play, the following is a single-player chat through abuse and behavioral damage caused by multiple reports. Once the silence is the application of penalties in the game their own communication tools will be deleted. This will mean that they will not be able to use generic or custom chat channels, and will not be whispering players are not in their friends list. Silence punish abuses will last about 24 hours of the report saw a penalty double from the time after the previous penalty for each count.

How long can the player in silence penalties for repeat offenders may eventually find no time limit their extremely long period of silence. Silence punish other players to share the same game will be those that will appear next to punish individuals by the name of a special orange speech bubble was told this.

Brazilian DJ Turned Freedom Fighter! Watch 7 minutes of Lucio Gameplay

Blizzard reveals a new hero Lucio for its team-based shooter Overwatch at gamescom 2015. Similar to Sona in League of Legends, new hero Lucio uses his music to fight. As a support hero in Overwatch, he can use cutting-edge Sonic Amplifier buffets enemies with projectiles and knocks foes back with blasts of sound. He also plays two different songs—one to heal his team and the other to boost their movement speed—and uses his Crossfade technique to switch between them at will. You can check out the seven-minute Lucio gameplay video below.

Apart from Lucio, Blizzard has also released a series of gameplay videos at its Youtube channel. Overwatch’s beta is scheduled to release worldwide this fall.


Diablo 3 Release Delayed

During the Activistion-Blizzard investor’s call on Thursday, February 9, it was announced that Diablo III will be delayed to the second quarter of this year. So instead of being imminent in its launch time, as most had thought, the game will instead be released a few months from now, likely in late April or early May.

With the departure of Senior Producer Steve Parker on the game’s development team, it’s speculated that there are some internal problems with either the game or the company itself. The official announcement doesn’t mention this, however:

The company’s first quarter 2012 outlook does not incorporate a new release from Blizzard Entertainment, but its calendar year 2012 outlook anticipates two releases from Blizzard Entertainment.