Every Level Should Matter

Every session of EQ brings a set of new realizations. The latest realization is that we’ve lost the importance of levels. We went from every level mattering to every 5 or 10 levels bringing a big upgrades, and now we’re pretty much at the point where the levels are just tacked on and what truly matters is whether or not you’re the max level.

EVERY level should matter. When I’m level 11 I should be on the edge of my seat to reach level 12. Level 12 should make fighting the same monsters I was fighting earlier a whole lot easier. If I ‘leveled’ and received nothing, haven’t felt like I’ve increased in power, or essentially can’t do anything new that I previously unable, then I should not have leveled at all.

What I really like about EverQuest is that I’m always feeling like a new level brings so many new opportunities. Characters progression is drastic. Life-changing abilities and spells are granted, stats and health increase, and new monsters are no longer out of your experience reach. All of this makes leveling up something to truly look forward to.

This also means that earning a level should be significant. Requiring effort makes achieving that new level even more meaningful. Mastering this curve yields depth, and increases the scope of your game.