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FIFA 15: FUT trading tips for professionals and the Endgame


After you yesterday with the FIFA 15 FUT-commercial advanced tips have provided, it is now time that we complete the trilogy of fifa 15 coins trading tips. Therefore, we are without further ado to speak on the following:

The three pillars of the shrewd trad

FIFA 15 game mode Raiders coaches and players

About 15 of the FIFA coach mode and player mode, presumably many players want to buy fifa 15 coins know about the specific contents of the two modes, you may wish to look at the following graphic Raiders to understand.

Competition Analysis

To execute’s perspective, the game is divided into the coach and players of the game, so the game analysis has two parts, the first part is the coach competition analysis, analysis of the second part of the game is the player.

Quick Match mode, coach mode, tournament mode belong to coach the game; become a professional player mode, players become part of the game goalkeeper modes. Competition analysis is mainly about the pre-match preparation and temporary measures during competition schedule. Coach mode arranged before preparation, including formation, being selected players choose, choose the bench, the players responsibility to select, hire and dispatch staff, the players behind the numbers to choose from. Before the game player mode is mainly prepared to see and pay attention to their own physical mail coach, athletics and other conditions

Coach Mode game analysis

How to choose the players

Player Position English shorthand meaning

We must first look at the players position shorthand to facilitate the player selection and scheduling matrix.

(Dragon Gate) GK goalkeeper;

(Backcourt) RB: right back, RCB: the right home defender, CB refers defender, LCB: Left defender, LB: left back;

(Midfielder) RM: Right midfielder, CM: Freedom midfielder, LM: Right midfielder, CAM: attacking midfielder, CDM: defensive midfielder;

(In front) RW: right wing, LW: left wing;

(Before the games) CF: center, ST: shadow striker;

Players attribute table

First, we must fully understand the players attribute table (and therefore give you revisit “The players attribute table” of knowledge). Players detailed property sheet, enter the report from the team management team page. Players detailed property sheet, which has four indicators: physical, mental, technical, goalkeeper qualities.

Player Position Select

Each player will be given a start position, then the coach can freely arrange his position (for example, you can put forward gantry position). But not random arrangements, such as the goalkeeper put forward, then goalkeeper itself lacks the ability to run, this will lead to the center field before the team lack technique. Therefore, according to the players attribute table, take a look at the player Can play multiple roles. For example, a C Ronaldo, his debut at Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United are the functional winger, now playing at Real Madrid, he is the main striker, but he can put the wing position played very well. So players do not have to rigidly stick to a starting position players marked, should fully understand the player’s property, put them among the most suitable location. For example, like Chelsea Ramirez, in FIFA15 which he is defined as CDM (defensive midfielder), and his property to display his ability to intercept (defensive ability) are relatively low, so you can ignore him this position, him as a substitute Oscar (as CAM).

Choose positive selection list

Professional tournament game starter must be 11 people, the bench is seven people, then positive selection list is 18 people. Theoretically positive selection within the team players are the most comprehensive data, the highest rated player served. But coaches are a number of factors must be considered: Team adaptability, war, fatigue, injuries and so on. Team adaptability means players and teams running, if often excitement are in decline, so that the player on the field will not bring positive change fifa 15 coins. so we should not let him debut. War, which is adaptable short version, some players will have super teams face war, they are born for the contest, so when there is competition, the face of enemies can arrange them into positive selection list . Fatigue, professional team for two games a week for the day is certainly a lot to keep the players full of energy is to lay the premise of each race, and if a player appear red blood, blood orange (tired), then not let him play , or he will be replaced in midfield. Injuries no recourse but to direct the players being selected in the list of excluded outside, otherwise the game can not be (or is computer help organize the starting lineup).

Players choose responsibilities

Captain: general arrangement is the most senior player in the team (the most senior local players based); corner: Select precise long ball player (2); short distance kick: Select precise players hit the door close; distance kick: the ability to choose a long pass instigated good players; twelve yards: Select willpower, close the door hit the ability of the players;


If you just use the handle, then only four kinds of tactical command, attack, hypertension, ball and a long pass.

When the ball in the team, they need to grab points, you can choose tactics – attack, then the team will become fierce offensive; in the team defense, choose tactics – pressure, then the backcourt defensive intensity will increase large; team scores when they need to slow down the pace of the game ahead, you can choose tactics – ball; hard to tear each other if the team midfield line, you can choose tactics – long pass to break each other’s defensive midfield; If you use kinect words, tactics will be more abundant. If not kinect, you can enter them into the edit tactics. Speed, transmission, position sense, pass, shot, persecution, team expansion, the defensive line of value adjustments. This adjustment does not mean that the team will reach the value of these operations, but to encourage the players to make this change.

Before preparing formations

Each team will have its own once took over a fixed set lineup, this team has basically been for the team to use, after all, a career coach enacted formation. However, faced with a number of opponents, formation must be changed, for example, encountered strong defensive attack the weak team, together with the exchange that could cause big score of the game, if you want to score a win you have to select a few nice defensive back formation . FIFA provided a total of 34 Pulled formation, this 34 Pulled formation are common in today’s football will appear formation, but without those weird formation, such as single guard or ten guard. Briefly explain the formation of a string of numbers that describe how to see, the left digit to right order, followed by defender, midfielder, striker, such as 4-4-2, then that is four defenders, four midfielders, two former Feng (goalkeeper is not listed, so this string of numbers, the sum can only equal to 10).

Understanding of the three major types of formation after came one by one analysis 34 formation.

Three guard’s formation

3-1-4-2: This is actually a distortion 4-4-2 formation, the defensive line has three guards, including the defense and midfield position between midfield after a delayed standing, this Tardiness midfield defensive line needs to be added to the regular work is also needed to drive into the midfield and the defense of the series work (such as mine Guangzhou Hengda inside).

3-4-1-2: This array consolidate control in the backcourt, the most distinctive is the sudden change in the midfield four people, usually four people in two central locations which will not advance, but the two flanking will plug forward to support fastfifa14 the strikers that name behind midfield, and converted into a 3-2-3-2, which will be reflected frontcourt offensive.

3-4-2-1: compared to 3-4-1-2, play less of a striker, and strengthen the excessive and delivery in front of a powerful defensive midfielder consciousness as long as reasonable transportation ball, the striker is not will be tired. On the contrary, the team broke lack technique, the slow pace of the game, the team is difficult to open up the situation. Therefore, this array is more suitable for adjustment of status, used to slow down the rhythm of the opponent.

3-4-3 (diamond type, wide type): This array is the initial form 3-4-1-2,3-4-2-1, because the team had to fight to score, so playing one less guard, the main forces are on the offensive line will be among the former Trident access to further support the midfield, forming rattling trend. But only in a short time.

3-5-1-1: Midfielder number expanded to five people, midfield interception force, have been maximized to enhance the driving force. Axis aligned with the forward line.

Four defender formation

4-4-2 (diamond shape, diamond Extended): 4-4-2 is the most common in modern football offensive formation is characterized by the formation Guards midfield and frequently sets side activities to constitute each other in front of the danger.

Another common offensive play, are two repair Lada manufacture within the width of the midfield two people within the area enclosed garde score.

The third common way is to use two strikers attack speed and good technique, steals the ball after a long pass quickly launch a quick counterattack.

4-1-3-2: traditional 4-4-2 deformation midfielder sent a delayed increase in the backcourt and contact backcourt defense and midfield.

4-1-4-1: Advanced is 4-1-3-2, so the forward line a person back into midfield to assist the midfield transition, coupled with delayed midfield, then this array one axis is quite sturdy .

4-2-2-2: send two backbone, a person is attacking midfielder (CAM), a person is a defensive midfielder (CDM), in front of the two midfielders a little closer to the flank, the general lack of use of the array of team winger, main Road.

4-2-3-1 (W): the most popular formation, Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho, Guangzhou Hengda Lippi are frequently used Zhenshi.

The basic configuration is four guards, double waist, three attacking midfielders plus a lone striker. The formation on offense and defense requirements are very high.

4-2-4: This formation is an extremely balanced offensive and defensive players arranged in formation. In this formation use, the two avant-garde is the nexus of the backbone.

4-3-1-2: 4312 evolved from a 4-4-2 formation, which is characterized by a midfield diamond stations take four avant-garde, avant-garde facilities in the post before suddenly single playmaker, attacking efforts to strengthen the team.

4-2-3-1: commonly known as “Christmas tree” type, before suddenly a striker, but he was not the team’s main offensive points, two wingers are attacking the core. With this formation, there must be two outstanding winger. With this formation, there must be two outstanding winger.

4-3-3 (waste center type, attack, defensive, durable type): This formation is a relatively balanced offensive and defensive formation, before, during and after the three regions personnel more balanced. But for the ability midfield three avant-garde demanding, in order to strengthen the team and often used wing attack formation.

Avant-garde and linebacker defensive midfield pressure, the two sides Offensive obvious advantages, but long distance retracement defense, reentry long distance, for greater physical exertion, this formation the key to success is to look at whether to keep the attack on behalf of cover up defensive shortcomings.

4-4-1-1: Although he is a lone striker, and 4-5-1 but not in the traditional sense, like, better than 4-5-1 defensive ability, midfield stations more layering Since the number of the advantages of the midfield, and after a clean sheet will be able to carry out in situ Fanqiang strengthen the team for the ability to control the midfield.

Relative to the 4-2-3-1 play, 4-41-1 ability to attack more powerful, which is mainly reflected in the attacking midfielder position.

4-4-2 (persistent type, dilated): uses four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers play. Two sides Hou Weijia a delayed and marking scavenger as defense; dual lumbar or lower back with two or three single midfield, plus two strikers play.

4-5-1 (offensive type, ordinary type): This formation arrange four players in the backcourt, five players in midfield, leaving only one person in the frontcourt play forward, because in the backcourt players intensive, no doubt defensive back has intensive features.

Coach selection criteria player

Players than the coach work easy, most are subject to execution based. Players must be careful not to hurt the game in the time period outside because FIFA series, players only need to control the activities of the players of the game, do not take care of private life is so focused on the players in the game is to explain the precautions. Able to participate in every game is the wish of every player, and the player’s coach selection criteria is the player’s overall score and physical reserves match day. The overall score is to rely on over time, treat every game and a good return for the capital. If a player games games have got excellent results 8.7, then the coach will be happy these players were put into the starting lineup. But there are exceptions in both cases, one is the lack of physical reserves, another one is already old and useless player. Physical deficiencies, simply can not play a game, or coach that the current tight schedule, you need to let the player holiday, so occasionally lose eligibility to participate in a game, but these games are mostly irrelevant. Aged players because it is likely to be cleaned or resale, in order to allow new players into the team quickly, appropriately so that players can have a good performance and old let out the main position, this is a true portrayal of the brutal competition in the team.

Precautions game

Good state players, outstanding performance, the coach benched generally do not will it, unless there is a plan to leave the force. So each player needs to be psychologically prepared for 120 minutes of fighting, physical slot on so short, if you are in the starting lineup, had a halftime, basically on the remaining 60% strength (in midfield for example, because they exhaustion is the largest). Strengthen the midfield transition, midfielder would have to work harder; consolidate the defense, the defense must wake up to fight the spirit of twelve. As long as the ball away from their jurisdiction, then you can properly stand. When chasing the ball, the left stick to chase alone, not only blocking the effect is good, and low physical exertion. In the attack, once cast a long pass or a long-range, you have to stop and walking a few steps, waiting for physical recovery tank, then the physical loss is not too large. In addition to the physical, the other is to look at injuries. Few injuries in the game world will appear like Owen who walked off their feet bizarre incident, most of them caused by others.

If the property perseverance, forces are very weak players on Sike Do not give the other players, especially in do not always pay attention to dribbling and hold the RT button when chased, it is easy to trip over.

Another is that some simply can not touch to the ball, not much hands on the ball of the keys, it is easy for players strain at

Overall, there is a healthy body, have the capital to make money, especially for the players to eat this kind of work for young rice.

e in Ultimate Team (FUT) of FIFA 15

First: These tips are only for people with very deep pocket and or for players who already have a number of seasons and leagues Rises behind. Because in order to buy fifa 15 coins implement these tips it takes 1,000,000 coins and more.

Someday the blue numbers have disappeared and Neymar, Ribéry and CO. you really are.
Old player selection

Each week, the new team of the week is in FIFA 15 selected. As we have already described in the previouse Guide, the announcement of the new team of the week is the time when most gold packs are opened. But you can be the first matter in this method.

Because unlike the rest of her does not try to come up with happiness to players of the current selection, but rather want to come on the transfer market at the old warhorse of the last teams in the week.

These are out of date and therefore abruptly again “cheap”. Your goal is as favorable as possible to come to professionals of the old selection, and then sell high this again at a convenient time.

The right time may be long in coming. The most important thing is that you buy the player lightly for too little money, because after all you want so make a profit. So that you know when you would really make a profit, you should you consider a minimum sale price, always consider the tax rate of 5%, the EA interspersed in sales.

Is best when you offer the player only about three weeks after your purchase on the transfer market, because then the chance is to make a profit of up to 30% at most.

Above can it ever be lonely

This is a strategy that results in only sense with a budget of 500,000 coins FIFA. The crux of this method is that the competition is much easier to beat in the upper price range, than in the low and middle price range, because there are few people in the five-figure prices which may be involved – ergo the probability for a bargain is quite large.

You’re looking for players with a minimum bid of 50,000. Have you found that, you checked out their lowest BINs on the page and offers cheerfully with – but only if the lowest BIN is still far away.

The power of monopoly

It is time that you take the chance and the complete transfer market makes you subject. In theory, this is FIFA 15 FUT trading tactics simple and fairly sure of success, but can cause problems in practice.

It begins with rare and coveted players. Explored the market for this. Keep not only by the usual suspects and powerful gold players out, but also oriented you to the Rarities from the Bronze and Silver sector. Here the list of help fastest fielders , the most goalkeeper and best player of FIFA 15 immensely.

The most important is that the players are also really rare, so all most three to four times offered on the transfer market currently. Did you see such a rare player who is also in demand at the same time, provides for all specimens Player – eventually you want a monopoly on these players.

Of course you will not have bought up all copies of this player in one shot. Keep an eye on the transfer market and monitors price developments. Will buy after if you notice that even without your active intervention the average price “of your” player increases. Once you have bought empty the competition, you can you make it play the whole power of your monopoly and impose market your overpriced prices. You should here wisely and proceed patience – always a copy to nce.

So much for the FIFA 15 FUT trading tips for professionals. Who not quite moving in the required price range of 100,000 to 1,000,000 coins, is with the guides for beginners and advanced in good hands.

FIFA 15 Dribbling Tips


Dribbling is important in FIFA 15 Coins if you want to perform an effective attack in a match. Then you need to learn how to control and dribble the balls. Here we have some tips and tricks for you. Though it might be boring to practice the dribbling skills.

Before you enter into a match, playing Skill Games in FIFA could help you a lot. Go to Play>Skill Games>Dribbling to practice the dribbling from bronze to skill challenge level. Once you’re done, do the Advanced Dribbling drills.

Be creative when dribbling, you need to stop the ball sometimes and do something that your opponent can not read it. To stop the ball while dribbling, just release the left stick and quickly hold L1 on Playstation or LB on Xbox. This way s very useful especially when you are playing against a real player. If you hold the L2 on Playstation or LT on Xbox and move the left stick, you will be dribbling the ball slowly and it is so called ball protective. By pressing pass or shot button while holding L2/LT, you will pass or shoot the ball effectively.

To change the direction of the ball, knock on and move to a different direction by trigging the sprint button and moving the RS to the direction you want to move to, in that way you can get past of the defender.

Do you get the tips above? Practice more and you will control the ball better.

FIFA 15 Companion app launches in Windows Phone

Now you can manage your team on your Lumia. The App for Windows Phone is free, that allows you to make the most of your management skills when you care away from your console. While to use the FUT features, you need to have a FIFA Ultimate Team club with FIFA15.

You have to be connected to an Origin account to use the app, and many players are excited to have increased functionality while they are away from their console. You can manage your FIFA Ultimate Team squads by optimising Chemistry, Formations and Players, as well as find and bid on players on the FUT Transfer Market.

If you are looking to spend some of the money earned with the game, you can purchase packs from the FUT store, or you can raise cash by selling players on your Transfer list. Essentially, it allows you to do all the back-room stuff you need to do to manage your squad, so what when you’re in front of your console you can get on with the fun stuff and play the game.

FIFA 15 Companion is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch. Before you can start using the app, you need to have a FIFA 15 team up and running. Create your club in FIFA 15 Xbox one/360, PS3/4 or PC, your FUT Security Question, then lag in to the app to access the FIFA Ultimate Team features.

They have been checking out FIFA 15 Companion on Nokia Lumia 635, and they it is known that the app works on Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM, as well as Lumia 735 with 1GB of RAM, and offers the same great functionality on both phones.

If you are playing FIFA 15 and use the Windows Phones, you are able to manage FUT anywhere, anytime with FIFA 15 Companion app. Download the app to your smartphone now. – Buy FIFA 14/15 Coins, Rs gold and More Online Game Gold.

fifa 15 coins platform Haikou games


Recently, the largest fifa 15 coins gaming platform Baidu fifa 15 coins games announced, will participate in the “2014 annual Chinese game industry annual meeting”. The conference by the State Press and Publication Administration of radio guidance, fifa 15 coins sound number co sponsored Chinese game is versed in appoint contractors,fifa 15 coins audio-visual and Digital Publishing Association, will be held December 16th -19 in Hainan Province, held in Haikou fifa 15 coins, is the domestic game industry’s most authoritative, the highest level, most influential game Sheng will.
The 2014 annual fifa 15 coins game industry annual meeting
It is understood that this year will be the theme of “game, the wings of a dream”, aims to integrate the cluster effect of hands tour of the whole industry chain,fifa 15 coins to guide the development of the domestic game industry stable, healthy and rapid. Unlike previous years, the industry will be in addition to the previous “fifa 15 coins game industry annual conference” and “fifa 15 coins Games ten strong” awards ceremony and other traditional agenda, but also additionally built “fifa 15 coins game product manager meeting”, “fifa 15 coins International Game Fair” and other innovative projects, to further expand overseas tour parties negotiate the exchange and business docking channels.