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The International 5: 2P brings you exclusive content /w Esportgaming

Good day to all of you. Today, we want to make a short announcement but before we begin, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for supporting us so far through thick and thin. We cannot express our gratitude for the love you’ve shown us and that is the exact reason why we will continue to work hard and strive to bring you awesome content. Thank you for all the love and support!

Moving on to the main topic of this discussion, we’d like to inform you that 2P Dota 2 will be present at the grandest stage in all of Dota 2; The International 5. Representing us at the mega event will be none other than Steven ‘Toffees’ Pierce of Coffee w/ Toffees fame and his partner in crime April ‘ProveAttitude’ Iverson.

While Toffees will be our face in front of the camera, April will be tasked with uploading video content to our 2P YouTube channel. So do expect a lot of interviews with players, cosplayers, personalities, team managers, casters, fans, etc. Besides the video interviews we’ll also be bringing you tons of epic moments captured in video such as crowd reaction, team moments, atmosphere at Key Arena – to name a few.

Lastly, we’d also like to thank Esportgaming for providing us with some much needed support at The International 5. We look forward to bringing you exciting content live from Key Arena, Seattle. In the meantime, do follow our TI5 hub in order to keep up to date with some awesome content.

Please let us know who would you like us to interview at The International 5. Also, post anything else that you expect from us at TI5 in terms of coverage. Compendium winners will be announced on 28th July, 2015.


Forsaken World Mobile Crushes into Top 20 of App Store RPG Rank in Just 1 Day

Fedeen Games’ newly mobile action MMORPG Forsaken World Mobile has just released globally. As a game adapted from Forsaken World, FWM takes most of elements from the PC version, while having some special features, like Dreamscape system, and the 3D graphic also keeps the same level with the PC version. The game has rich PVE and PVP contents and plentiful raising and collection elements. You can team-up with your friends to explore the world, dungeons and raids at any time.

In my impression, Forsaken World Mobile is a good game, but not well enough to be able to rank 15 in US App Store’s RPG rank in just one day. Perhaps, I missed out something interesting when played the game’s CBT. So, I decide to retry this game because I believe in players’ taste. If you are also interested, you can download it on App Store and Google Play now. Btw, 2P is holding Forsaken World Mobile Exclusive Mob Buster Pack Giveaway. Don’t miss out.


Wow cataclysm release: never change the game elements3


Each character has a 16 grid on the backpack, the worn backpack has already accompanyed us progressively. Due to the expansion of space lattice backpack, backpack get to be the smallest one from 16 biggest role. Blizzard wanted to modify the original backpack once, but considering that the code buried too deep, they eventually lost the fight the blueprint. However, in patch 4.3, it gained a new utility function — Blizzard added the search bar for this.


Are there many people doesn’t like hearthstone? The use of Hearthstone let player travel and adventure becomes easier. In fact, once it’s intolerable cause it possesses a great long cooling time.The second of the 60’s if the paladin invincible Hearthstone, it implies they can’t utilize same trick in an hour.blizzard within the 3.1 patch will reduced The cooling time by a half-hour, even though the guild skill allow furnace Hearthstone CD halved again.

I’m sure this is actually the oldest and many basic professional useless amongst people,each section of information update professional of Blizzard do not seem to give first-aid to heart.Both manufacturing bandage, enhance the high end and bandage usage, it didn’t appear to have any change a great number of years.

Playing with fact, inside 60’s, you’ll want to complete several tasks to help you erupt the primary aid skills level cap,in patch 3.1, blizzard removed the task. At one time when player can run one side, on one side to bandage, very curious or not? Probably the most ironic is always that,You still can’t use bandage when with the “bleeding” effect in recent world of warcraft gold,to enhance your equipment and enjoy the passtion of the game!

Stranger Than Fiction: The Ouster and Possible Return of the CEO of Red 5 Studios

Back in October, a reader suggested I check out Firefall, an open world MMO shooter. At the time my curiosity with shooters had picked up after playing the pseudo-shooter World of Tanks. I spent a few hours playing Firefall but lost interest as there didn’t seem to be much to do. These days, if a game isn’t compelling to me from the get-go, I don’t invest more time in it. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

What I didn’t know was the history of the game and the nutty things going on inside Firefall’s developer, Red 5 Studios. Last month, a Red 5 employee took to Reddit to post a richly detailed post on why the CEO was removed by Red 5.

Among the many gems in that thread were tidbits like this:

Red 5 staff was informed about PvP being cut through the same forum thread the players were

The whole Reddit thread and comments are worth reading, even if you have no interest in Firefall or Red 5. I find it fascinating that so much time/money was spent on things that weren’t meaningfully aligned with advancing Firefall or the game development capabilities of the studio.

One insight I gleaned from the thread is that is a good resource to hear what employees think of their company. (I’ve previously used it for compensation benchmarking.) Granted, as with any online reviews you have to take what the reviewers say with a grain of salt.


Great Weekend in EQ + Some Good Grouping Lessons

My weekend was filled with great gaming. I played Assassin’s Creed Unity and Splatoon with my wife, then spent a good deal of time leveling up my characters in EverQuest. I’ll write more on the other two later because I really want to write about a few of my EQ highlights from this weekend.

Keen the Bard progressed a little bit. My bard is the character I most want to play later on in levels, but I’m keeping him part of the guild static group we have going. For a group around our level(levels 17-21 at the time) it’s sometimes tough to find a spot in Unrest given how crowded it can be. Three of us decided to take our group and head over to Upper Guk to check out the leveling scene. We build a lower sewers team that ended up bringing in about a level and a half before we decided to call it for the night.

My Mage is where I spent the bulk of my time this weekend. I’m having an absolute blast leveling him up! Twice this weekend I found myself in stellar groups pulling constant streams of mobs in Unrest. I was the main DPS in both groups which, in EQ speak, means it was my job to burn something down very quickly if we got a bad pull and also my job to make sure things generally do not stay alive for too long and drain the healer’s mana. That leads me to a couple of important lessons I encountered this weekend: (1) Know your role, and (2) When you get a good group you need to socialize.

This might be one of the best things about EverQuest. Even in a state where things are generally easier, roles are clearly defined. As I mentioned before, I am a Mage and that makes me the DPS. I’m not the puller. I’m not the tank. I’m the guy who blows things up. The puller’s job is to make sure we have a steady stream of mobs — without him the EXP is slow. The tank is responsible for tagging what the puller brings in and keeping it (generally) off everyone else. The Healer is responsible for managing their mana and ensuring no one dies (notice I didn’t say at full health). I could go on and highlight more specialized roles like CC and other support, but that’ll suffice.

I ran into a few people this weekend who seemed to either forget their role, or never learned what it was to begin with. When roles are played properly everything is amazing and smooth, but the opposite is true. We had an enchanter who never used Mez. I don’t know if he thought we didn’t need it, or simply was lazy, but he was nuking constantly. As a result, our healer’s mana was always low. That meant I had to nuke more to keep the mobs from killing people. The dominos kept falling from there.

Having clear roles makes everything more fun for me. So much more dynamic than everyone being DPS and having a healer and tank loosely filling their role while DPSing as much as possible.

Get to Know Your Group

Last night I was in a group at the Fireplace in Unrest. Awesome spot to EXP in. I went from level 20-22.5 in like an hour and a half. We had a few hiccups getting started, but quickly found our rhythm. We started chatting and having a good conversation as time went on. I learned about their past experiences with EQ. I learned what alts people were playing. Loot was dropping and we would congratulate each other and try to pull named mobs to get the other guy who wanted the tunic a chance at the drop.

The genuine consensus was that everyone was hoping everyone else was going to stick around a good long time, and generally we all did. At the end of the night when it was time for me to log (curse getting up at 5am for work) several people said they added me to their friends list. I used a line I hadn’t used in over a decade: “If you guys are ever looking for another and need a Mage to blow things up, definitely give me a shout!”

I know from experience that I WILL get a /tell from one of these people in the future. They will be in a group or leading a group one day and they’ll see me on the LFG tool and say, “Hey guys invite him, he’s a great Mage!” Seriously, even if I wasn’t the best Mage ever they’ll still vouch for me because I know my role, I perform it well, and I was personable.


Every Level Should Matter

Every session of EQ brings a set of new realizations. The latest realization is that we’ve lost the importance of levels. We went from every level mattering to every 5 or 10 levels bringing a big upgrades, and now we’re pretty much at the point where the levels are just tacked on and what truly matters is whether or not you’re the max level.

EVERY level should matter. When I’m level 11 I should be on the edge of my seat to reach level 12. Level 12 should make fighting the same monsters I was fighting earlier a whole lot easier. If I ‘leveled’ and received nothing, haven’t felt like I’ve increased in power, or essentially can’t do anything new that I previously unable, then I should not have leveled at all.

What I really like about EverQuest is that I’m always feeling like a new level brings so many new opportunities. Characters progression is drastic. Life-changing abilities and spells are granted, stats and health increase, and new monsters are no longer out of your experience reach. All of this makes leveling up something to truly look forward to.

This also means that earning a level should be significant. Requiring effort makes achieving that new level even more meaningful. Mastering this curve yields depth, and increases the scope of your game.


DC Universe Update 9 Detailed

Update 9: Assemble for Battle will be the next major update to the DC Universe. Developers haven’t announced a date for the update, but it is coming very soon they say. It will bring a lot of new content and features to the game, including:

Novice Raids: Raids featuring the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave, and the Kahndaq raids that will be available for players of all gear and skill levels.
Role Optional Alerts: In order to get players into raids as quickly as possible, players can opt to be informed about raid groups forming that do not require specific roles. These groups will be treated to a Team Buff:
If you don’t have a Tank, everyone will take less damage overall. That doesn’t mean you’re all tanks – you’ll have to work together to survive – but you’ll have a fighting chance.
If you don’t have a Healer, any Controller or Damage character will trigger a small amount of regeneration when your health dips below a certain point. If you’re a Tank, you’ll always have some regeneration.
If you don’t have a Controller, everyone will get varying amounts of additional power periodically.
More details can be had at the DC Universe Online website.

Diablo 3 Release Delayed

During the Activistion-Blizzard investor’s call on Thursday, February 9, it was announced that Diablo III will be delayed to the second quarter of this year. So instead of being imminent in its launch time, as most had thought, the game will instead be released a few months from now, likely in late April or early May.

With the departure of Senior Producer Steve Parker on the game’s development team, it’s speculated that there are some internal problems with either the game or the company itself. The official announcement doesn’t mention this, however:

The company’s first quarter 2012 outlook does not incorporate a new release from Blizzard Entertainment, but its calendar year 2012 outlook anticipates two releases from Blizzard Entertainment.

How do you recover from a fully voiced MMO?

With huge MMO’s such as Star Wars, The Old Republic and most recently Elder Scrolls Online falling to the wayside in popularity, I question just how much of an impact the “fully voiced scripts” really have on the games. It also brought me to another thought while playing Carbine’s Wildstar: I can’t help but wonder how many people are missing out on the depth of story that the game provides because it’s not fully voice scripted like previous MMO’s that they surely played.

When Bioware first announced that SWTOR was fully voice scripted (Including your characters responses), the buzz around the gaming world was ecstatic. This was literally game changing to the already worn formula of long text conversations with NPC’s taking up your quest logs // journal. Most MMO goers that I knew by the second expansion of Blizzard’s Warcraft admitted to just accepting quests without ever reading them. For a developer to take a risk and make story important it would have a different kind of impact on the player as they took their journey from 1 to max level. Every NPC that you came across had emotion within their conversation of why you needed to do what you needed to do out in the world. In fact, going out to kill fifteen creatures now had some substance to it and completing tasks brought a sense of reward in itself for helping out that poor NPC. Playing out your own, personal story in a Star Wars universe was pretty amazing as well.

Unfortunately, the fully voiced questing only lasted for two journey’s to 50 in the world of SWTOR for the average player: One Republic , One Empire. Sure the class stories for both light and dark conversation choices were different, but the world npc choices always ended the same way. (with very few exceptions) The class stories were the only “fresh” thing to see when playing a new character and all of the world quests were “space barred” to skip the dialogue. I was one of those people that stuck with Bioware until recently and had one of every advanced class on both sides of the fence… The class stories were the only thing I remember about the game after hanging up my light sabers.

Having a fully voice scripted game also leads to other problems: What happens when the voice actor decides to not return for an expansion (and wasn’t contractually obligated to)? What happens if, knock on wood, a voice actor passes away before recording his lines for the next stages of the game? What happens if the voice actor you’ve chosen for a character is hated by the community? (Think JarJar quality for 50 levels… I would uninstall before getting off the tutorial planet)

But most importantly: How do you play a MMO after being so used to hearing your NPC’s talk for 2 years or more? Secondly, do you lose interest in the world you’re playing in and are you just grinding to max level for the end game with no care for the story behind the end game?

Wildstar is a brand new MMO that is very popular right now and players love the mix of the “old warcraft” feeling (Arguably the best times of Warcraft were Vanilla and Burning Crusade) with new systems and faster combat. But what about the story? While talking to a guild mate (who hit 50 within a few days of the early access)I had mentioned how hilarious some of the journals were. He had no clue what I was talking about. All throughout the game there are random items to click on and read and some of them are just downright hysterical. (For example: I came across a series of steamy love novels scattered throughout a forest with little snip-its of the journal to read and a quest to bring them back to the owner. When you bring them back to the female NPC she immediately warns you to never, EVER speak to anyone about them.) It was sad to me that my guildmate had missed out on some pretty great work that a writer put the time and effort into creating.
Some of Wildstar is voiced (superbly might I add) and also includes cut scenes that attempt to draw the player more into the world that surrounds them, but I can’t help but crave actual voiced NPC’s that you’re able to fully converse with. I feel detached from the character that I play in this game more than I ever did in my 8 year tenure Warcraft. Why? Because between WOW and Wildstar, I played SWTOR. I played a game that my character had voice, reason and a purpose all the way to max level. With Wildstar, I don’t feel nearly as invested in the character on the screen that I portray but I do feel intrigued to read about the lore of the lands I’m traveling and the often funny journals keep me thoroughly amused.

I’m curious to see how others feel about this. I’m curious to hear if those that are playing Wildstar (or still playing Warcraft which still doesn’t have fully voiced quests) feel the way I do and feel less invested in the characters they are portraying in the world. (and if they’re skipping out on the richness of story buried in the game because they’d have to read it)

Vegetation of Pangaea


The steppes of Pangaea you may imagine to still contain frost-burned and leafless trees where there are no buds on branches and little hint of greenery after the immensely destructive nuclear war. This combination enhances the eerie desolation inside ground zero around the Ark zone. The war did devastate the Earth to its very core with the massive movement of the tectonic plates, which caused massive impact on the climate. These climatic and environmental consequences were not simply negative, but vastly different. We have alluded to the results of radiation on the mutation of various animals and even the human population, but one must ask this very penetrating question are all of these change negative?

As the very resilient and irrepressible Earth began its remarkable and magnificent ascent to life there was a vast array of flora and fauna began to flourish in the new environment and climate of Pangaea. There were many types of common vegetation that could not adapt to the new climate, but the new vegetation have developed through Darwinian evolutionary protocols− survival of the fittest. These new species of grass thrive in both sun and shade, are very slow growing, and are drought-tolerant.

The newly developed flowers of the Pangaea were extremely different and adaptable to a very harsh and predator ridden environment, so the flowers adjusted and modified to become predatory themselves. The predatory plants derive most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals. They have adapted to grow in Pangaea where the soil is thin and poor in nutrients.

In the continuing struggle to survive, many plants have developed adaptations to cope with predation. One of these tactics is to produce sharp thorns. This deters large animals from stripping all of the foliage. Another method of protection is for a plant to produce chemicals that either kill or deter an animal or insect from eating that plant. Plants that have both toxic chemicals and thorns are equipped to handle many different threats.

Most of the plants, trees, and bushes in Pangaea produce some type of toxin or chemical substance that is poisonous to something else to counter attacks of animals, insects, and even humans. Some creatures have specialized digestive systems and can simply eat the toxins and not be affected at all, but other animals or insects can digest micro amounts and die instantly, or the toxins may cause sleep or cause vivid hallucinations, weakness, or loss of concentration

Every living creature of the New World will constantly come into contact with objects in the environment and study their ability to impact the surrounding environment. To survive you need to learn to recognize certain types of vegetation and the effects of contact with them. If you would like to learn more about the vegetation of Pangaea please sign up for the newsletter by filling out the form below.