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World Of Tanks Military Parade Event Announced

Award-winning developers Wargaming, the team powering behind the likes of World of Warplanes and World of Battleships, today announced an exciting event to commemorate the 70th anniversary since the ending of World War II with a series of rewards & prizes for the World of Tanks community.

If you’ve been chasing that ever illusive addition to your tank garage, now’s your chance to finally get in within your grasp. The team revealed a series of exciting events and rewards today as players enjoy a parade of celebratory additions including huge discounts across all Premium and non-Premium tanks on all tiers, consumable items to customize them, and bountiful bonuses to bundles featuring additional Garage Slots or Crew Training. All of the aforementioned events will begin this weekend and run through until Monday.

Starts Friday, May 8, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)
Ends Monday, May 11, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)


Skyforge Veines Panorama Reveal

Been waiting to get into Skyforge but haven’t found a key yet? Well, Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team have released a brand new interactive 3D panorama for a brand new location in the game called Veines.

Veines was a once peaceful town in a rural valley surrounded by scenic forests and craggy mountains. Unfortunately the Reapers of Death have had control of the settlement and has made it a hostile environment for the unwary.

The Veines Panorama can be viewed at on your browser via this link: Skyforge Venines Panorama. Click and hold to view the surrounding area and zoom in to take a closer look at some of the rat-like Virds!


World of Warcraft : Scroll of Resurrection Goes the Way of the Dodo


Blizzard Entertainment has announced on the official World of Warcraft forums that the Scroll of Resurrection will be taken out of the game beginning February 18th. Scrolls could be sent to former players to bring them back into the game and to gain rewards if a subscription was renewed. The time has come to bid adieu to the Scroll of Resurrection. It’s served its divine purpose, but like most scrolls, it only has so many charges before it loses its magic and crumbles into ethereal wow power leveling. For those who’d still like a chance to use the scroll, you have until February 18 before players are no longer able to send invitations. For those who have an invitation outstanding, that’s still good for 30 days from the time it was sent, after which point the invitation will expire and the benefits can no longer be claimed.

World of Warcraft : Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street Talks Escalation


With the latest patch deployment, World of Warcraft players have seen new features and systems rolled out. Blizzard has been keeping tabs on reactions. We sat down for a chat with Greg Street about Escalation. See what he has to say and then leave your impressions of the latest update in the comments. Greg explained that Patch 5.3 is one of the smaller updates for the game. What the team does is try to alternate between the bigger and smaller updates to keep new content on an even flow. With 5.3 one of the biggest successes they have had among players is the Battlefield: gold. The team likes how much it brings players back to the open world and gives them a series of events to explore. This is something the developers are excited to see working as well and could lead to more updates of this nature. Fan feedback is critical to Blizzard and Greg said the Barrens update has been a solid high point for the patch.