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Black desert: the new video display system NPC monster armor, dye


Daum games and video display some characteristics of a new Pearl edge release expected black desert race. This time, we have a lot of NPC, we demand in the world, some monsters and spectacular animal.
Have more fun, if the studio function show that, without attention to now: A Series in the wrong. We see that the four types of shining armor and clothing, and then we see the same clothes and some places, we see some tanks and system more auseinander.schlie beta Lich dye in the way their armor and change color, jewelry, such as earrings and arrows.
Black desert test for 17 days beginning December in Korea, we are spoiled many new followers, from war to the role and responsibility of customization, the world tourism supporters, among them, the Daum limit. South Korea open test game players, but the black desert West beta in 2015

Commitment News ITS MMO mechanics ETERNAL Crusade

Interactions of a new crusade eternal Q & A and solve the MMO part of the game, 120 unique issues and their commitment to its interest. Senior producer Nathan Richardsson wrote his next game will be the focus country, “the few and the latest developments as well as how it is, and how it is designed with the new game mode, open area, more traditional MMO mechanics and so easy expansion. ”

“Position 120 is a huge limitation for us, because it does not expand. You can only have” thousands “playing to conquer territory, the rest of the so-called” beaten overfow “position. Now, we have much more than 120 areas, and extended to hundreds of thousands of people involved in the conquest of territory. However, each location is not from the perspective of the map, “unique”, in fact, we make this decision a long time. in addition to the Empire was built by prefabricated buildings and structures, in a shooter, you know part of the map is the player’s skill. trying to remember 120+ unique map is counterintuitive an excellent shooter experience. in the negative side, we have things to create random variation or warlords activated elements of the game, it changes things like warp storms and such (accessor, we call them) and days or affect the game in different biomes of course, time is also something that makes a variety of maps without having to learn a new visual effects and games. ”
Richardsson told the players that he will “track” in the PVE experience and resolve server architecture scalability that allows online shooting game studio in order to “create an open world experience without shortcomings, as well as more structured or PVP. “his metaphor game fate, the Division and Star Wars Battlefront, in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Eternal Crusade still on Steam in order to get the $ 39.99 price shooter centered Alpha advance. The launch is still expected later this summer.

Get Reloaded WildStar, go F2P September 29


Prospective players to keep the suspense, after a single closed beta stage, WildStar free-to-play re-opened, called “Wild Planet Reloaded,” has a release date. When they put it at the press conference, re-launch of the “more than just a business model conversion,” with a revised new player experience, experience rewards, new content, and so on. Such re-opening will take place on September 29.

To further prepare launch, carbines and NCSoft have announced that they will launch the second beta stage, tomorrow, to all users and those who have been given a beta key. The first closed beta test focused on improving the experience of new players. This test will focus on the economy, allowing players a risk-free environment, all expenses are copied to their live characters introduced later NCoin.

Heroes and generals published “Xylander” Update

World War II, MMOFPS, heroes and generals, released their latest update on Xylander. The new update functionality, all have love for the Soviet bloc, giving them AVS-36 rifle with a semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, and stimulate full size rifle bullets. Players can get a gun assault ribbon ranked 12, it can be upgraded like other firearms.

In addition, Supai has received long blade AVS-36 bayonet knife which is currently the longest in the game – to give it superior reach melee hostel. Despite being a bayonet, did not choose to install it in the rifle.The first attack to happen in Mulgore was a shock to Baine. Not only had it been in his land, but it was also a brutal slaughter.

“Message from the warchief.” The messenger unrolled the letter and began reading, “Unto High Chieftain Baine Bloodhoof of the tauren, Warchief of the Horde Garrosh Hellscream sends the following: Water shipments continue on schedule and that pleases.

Other major features include:

Each faction more camouflage.
City map updates, encourage close combat.
Updated according to map community feedback facility.
Base salary had been changed on the player, not the total payment of the total time of the battle.
General Battle Mode has been updated, it will not be on both sides of the fun of incredible one-sided game has changed automatically resolved by fighting director, rather than forcing players to play out. This will help to encourage players to participate in battle mode. War campaign also gave money list and ribbon XP and the only way to currently earn Warfunds soldiers.

Final Fantasy XIV: the rebirth of a state of more than 500 million players worldwide

Strange wood-and-stone talismans swayed from ropes attached to the branches overhead. They were crude effigies of arakkoa. Sticks of incense burned in the closed talons of the figures, sending ribbons of smoke through the forest. The bitter odor made Iskar’s eyes water.

Square Enix today revealed to the press celebrated the new information Final Fantasy 14 has made a successful recovery in leaps and bounds in the past two years, more than 5 million players from around the world, including Japan, China, North America and Europe have registered account number. Today’s figures reveal even more impressed by the total amount does not include the free trial members account you are creating.

Continue to move forward with a passionate and dedicated community’s determination to develop a next good team, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm rebirth journey has been an unlikely, but a success story, will live for many years arrival.

Successful expansion of today’s announcement recently released Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward, its launch exciting new content varied, including the introduction of flying mounts, a new original battle, more and more challenging dungeons attacks.

Armored war Q & A backlight in the territory of war and camp

Viryx opened her beak to offer a retort when something agile scrambled from a tangle of thornbushes nearby. Another ravager. The large, mottled gray insect skittered across the ground, disappearing into a dense forest just ahead.

Obsidian Entertainment My.com recently announced a special edition by Q & A, see developers pay more popular with some of the game elements, such as the issue of war and camp territory, and some exciting new details of armored warfare.

Including in the recent Q & details A include involving Windows10 support and optimization, adding and testing earlier versions of the early use of the player’s rewards, including a Level 2 objects 155 medium tanks, and select bug fixes have been plaguing Information As the function of the camp started.

MOBA Game Takes Measures To Punish Toxic Community

members of the order could watch over each other and ensure that everyone followed the decrees of their sun god, Rukhmar. If one accomplished a great feat, both would be showered with praise.

Anyone with any experience of today’s top MOBA game will undoubtedly be familiar with the toxicity of competition groups, but today there are developers to take steps to punish those who interfere with the enjoyment of others. Blizzard’s award-winning free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is no exception toxicity MOBA type, but today they announced the premiere aimed at reducing the negative impact of the game, these players have a new trend program in the “silence penalty “The

Silence punishment will come into play, the following is a single-player chat through abuse and behavioral damage caused by multiple reports. Once the silence is the application of penalties in the game their own communication tools will be deleted. This will mean that they will not be able to use generic or custom chat channels, and will not be whispering players are not in their friends list. Silence punish abuses will last about 24 hours of the report saw a penalty double from the time after the previous penalty for each count.

How long can the player in silence penalties for repeat offenders may eventually find no time limit their extremely long period of silence. Silence punish other players to share the same game will be those that will appear next to punish individuals by the name of a special orange speech bubble was told this.

Heroes FY plan to abolish trio / quad queue

Your Grace, Stannis repeated bitterly. You mock me with a king’s style, yet what am I king of? Dragonstone and a few rocks in the narrow sea, there is my kingdom. He descended the steps of his chair to stand before the table, his shadow falling across the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and the painted forest where King’s Landing now stood. There he stood, brooding over the realm he sought to claim, so near at hand and yet so far away. Tonight I am to sup with my lords bannermen, such as they are. Celtigar, Velaryon, Bar Emmon, the whole paltry lot of them. A poor crop, if truth be told, but they are what my brothers have left me. That Lysene pirate Salladhor Saan will be there with the latest tally of what I owe him, and Morosh the Myrman will caution me with talk of tides and autumn gales, while Lord Sunglass mutters piously of the will of the Seven. Celtigar will want to know which storm lords are joining us. Velaryon will threaten to take his levies home unless we strike at once. What am I to tell them? What must I do now?

Blizzard Entertainment MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, have announced their intention to remove the triple and four queue from their rank League. According to the website of the storm – three or four players in the queue hero an official post representatives of both players than their solo and duet queue corresponds to a smaller part. Three or four Players also tend to have problems communicating with their non-packet-mate, resulting in a lot of teams on both sides of friction and frustration.

Developers have decided to cancel the option, players enjoyed the people lined up to be worth 3-4 overall match quality.

DNF adding new top-level contract

Side-scrolling beat -EM- most MMORPG, DNF, has added a “more exciting way to enjoy the orders” with their new top-level contract. The new contract has two different types – a “new premium basic” and “new Premium +”, which is only in the region you buy it is a non-stack Account enthusiasts work. Awarded the contract between the players extra fatigue point, clear rewards and FP expression systems, it allows you to redouble their FP consumption can also get double EXP. Players will no longer receive additional loss of stamina, even if you retire, you will receive the gift of the dungeon gap EXP.

younger brother should be to an elder, as Renly should be to me. And what was Robert’s thanks? He names me Lord of Dragonstone, and gives Storm’s End and its incomes to Renly. Storm’s End belonged to House Baratheon for three hundred years; by rights it should have passed to me when Robert took the Iron Throne.

Contract costs substantially and 600-2100 300-1050 CERA CERA plus + its duration at the highest amount of 15 days (do not know why it increase in two weeks, instead of the normal one month …).

There are more benefits as well, you can see here in the official announcement.

Brazilian DJ Turned Freedom Fighter! Watch 7 minutes of Lucio Gameplay

Blizzard reveals a new hero Lucio for its team-based shooter Overwatch at gamescom 2015. Similar to Sona in League of Legends, new hero Lucio uses his music to fight. As a support hero in Overwatch, he can use cutting-edge Sonic Amplifier buffets enemies with projectiles and knocks foes back with blasts of sound. He also plays two different songs—one to heal his team and the other to boost their movement speed—and uses his Crossfade technique to switch between them at will. You can check out the seven-minute Lucio gameplay video below.

Apart from Lucio, Blizzard has also released a series of gameplay videos at its Youtube channel. Overwatch’s beta is scheduled to release worldwide this fall.


Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sc-Fi MMO game

Star Trek Online is getting ready to celebrate its third anniversary on February 2nd, 2013. To celebrate the occasion, and to thank our players, Q is hosting parties on Earth Spacedock and Qo’noS running from around 10am PST on Thursday, January 31st through around 10am PST on Thursday, February 14th. Talk to Q each day and help him coordinate the guest list for the party and receive a fun prize for your efforts.

Additionally, Starfleet Command has been getting reports about a strange temporal anomaly in the Azure Nebula. Early intelligence has linked this anomaly with Tholian experiments that are using the nebula’s unique properties to gain access to the past. Such a conclusion has been supported by stray subspace signals being intercepted from the area with Starfleet transponder codes dating back to the mid-24th century.

Level 6 Federation Lieutenants can speak with Engineer Kani on Earth Spacedock for the latest information about this situation, and to learn what can be done to help. Those who complete the mission will earn a Support Cruiser Starship – Ambassador Class (Tier 3), as well as a Support Cruiser Retrofit Starship – Ambassador Class (Tier 5) – this Retrofit can only be earned by completing the mission during the three-year anniversary event, and the box that it is contained in can only be opened once a player reaches Rear Admiral rank. Ship stats will be posted in an upcoming Dev Blog.

The Klingon Empire, fearing that the Federation is developing a new weapon based on Tholian technologies, has also launched an inquiry into what is happening in the Azure Nebula. And, not to be outdone, they are rewarding a Battlecruiser Starship – Kamarag Class (Tier 3) along with a Battlecruiser Retrofit Starship – Kamarag Class (Tier 5) – this Retrofit can only be earned by completing the mission during the three-year anniversary event, and the box that it is contained in can only be opened once a player reaches Brigadier General rank. Level 22 KDF Commanders can speak with Engineer Tum’Era on Qo’noS for more information. Ship stats will be posted in an upcoming Dev Blog.

Thank you to all the fans that have made Star Trek Online such a great place to enjoy the universe of Star Trek, and we’re looking forward to another year of exploring where no one has gone before. See you in-game!